Indoor Oak Sleeper Furniture


Solid Oak Display Cubes

Price: 1- £75, 2- £135, 3- £195

500mm x 500mm x 215mm

Desk and Stool

Solid rustic oak desk and stool

Price: £225

H 740mm x W 950mm x D 430mm (Desk)

2 Candlestick Holders

Solid rustic oak - to suit a wide range of candles

Price: £90

250mm x 250mm x 250mm

Side Table

Solid rustic oak plank side table

Price: £95

H 650mm x W 550mm D 215mm

Fire Surround

Rustic solid oak fire surround

Price: £195

h 1000mm x w 1400mm

TV Unit

Heavy Rustic Solid Oak TV Cabinet

Price: £245.00

W90cm x D60cm x H50cm

Sleeper Coffee Table

Rustic Oak Sleeper Coffee Table

Price: £155

430mm x 750mm x 350mm

Plank Coffee Table

Oak coffee table made from solid oak Planks.

Price: £265

1000mm x 870mm x 350mm

Beam Coffee Table

Rustic 10 inch square beam table

Price: £295.00

1000mm x 500mm x 350mm

Plank Coffee Table

Plank Coffee Table with side rails

Price: £295.00

650mm x 1000mm x 350mm


Solid 10 inch square pedestal

Price: £70

250mm x 250mm x 500mm


  • oak (2)
  • solid oak (2)
  • living room (2)
  • coffee table (1)
  • solid (1)
  • rustic (1)
  • oak coffee table (1)
  • planks (1)
  • solid oak planks (1)
  • pedestal (1)