Reclaimed Furniture

At Wood Works of Rugby we love working with reclaimed wood and other materials that can be used to compliment them to make the best reclaimed furniture.

We always keep reclaimed timbers and furnishings sourced from places such as from reclaimer yards, house clearances to skips!

And we are always adding to our stocks.

Just click on the buy reclaimed furniture tab on the home page and take a look at what we have to offer. New items are always being added so please visit frequently!

Whilst the environmentally friendly and sustainable attributes of reclaimed wood are so relevant both today and even more so in the future, aged and weathered timbers give an aesthetic and feel that new wood simply cannot achieve.

All the furnishings displayed and for sale here are handmade or re-worked using reclaimed pieces and materials.  The only things that are not are the glues and fixings that hold it together and any new finishes that may have been applied.

Some of the pieces are unique and some can be replicated, depending on the availability of materials that were used to make them. Items that can be replicated can usually be made to bespoke or standard sizes.

Do you have your own materials and ideas?

Maybe you like the sound of using reclaimed materials for furnishings in your home and business and have some thoughts of what you would like?

Please get in touch and we will be happy to help and discuss your ideas and visions with you.

If you have any of your own pieces of furniture that you would like to get re-worked, or old wood stored that you visualise being transformed into something practical or aesthetically pleasing, please feel free to contact us with your ideas.